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(20 Dec 2008):

NSW Country Junior Championships 2009

Jonathan Behne-Smith of Newcastle has won the NSW Country Junior Championship (under 18) with a score of 4 out of 5. The Under 12 title has been retained by Edmund Yu, also from Newcastle. Edmund scored 10 out of 10, improving on his win last year when he scored 9 out of 10. The finals in each division were contested by six players, two from each of three qualifying tournaments in the north, west and south of the state.

Full scores may be found by clicking on "Results" in the menu at left.

(20 Dec 2008):

End-of-Year Tournaments 2009

The inaugural End-of-Year Round Robin Tournaments attracted 23 players and were held in three separate divisions. Division 1 was won by John Papantoniou who finished half-a-point ahead of Nicholas Deen-Cowell. Divisions 2 and 3 were won by Aran Sandrasegaran and Kevin Willathgamuwa respectively.

Click on "Results" in the menu at left for full details.

(29 Nov 2009):

Primary Schools One-Day Tournaments 2009

The Country Districts finals of the Primary Schools One-Day series (for three-player teams) has been won by The Junction Public School (Newcastle) with a score of 24.5/27 and a huge margin of 7.5 points over two teams which shared second place, Sturt Public School (Wagga Wagga) and St Augustine's Primary School (Coffs Harbour). These three teams were invited to participate in the next day's Metropolitan/State finals.

The Metropolitan Finals, which with the addition of the top Country Districts finalists doubled as the State Finals, were contested by a record of 61 schools. Lindfield Public School was victorious, scoring 18/21 and finishing 1.5 points ahead of Sydney Grammar Preparatory St Ives.

A total of 1120 teams from 270 schools took part in the 33 district tournaments in the Primary Schools One-Day series.

For detailed results click on "Schools" (at left) and then on "Results" under the heading "Primary Schools One-Day Tournaments".

(27 Nov 2009):

Primary Schools Competition 2009

The state-wide Primary Schools Competition, which commenced in second term, has reached its conclusion. Over the last few months the 37 zone winners participated in region finals and the 10 region winners then took part in the inter-region finals to determine the country and metropolitan champions, which then played each other in the grand final. In the Country final The Junction Public School of Newcastle defeated Sturt Public School of Wagga Wagga in a close result (5-3) and then immediately faced the Metropolitan champions, Carlingford West Public School  for the State title. In this match Carlingford West proved triumphant, winning 6-2. Congratulations to Carlingford West and the two country teams, The Junction and Sturt, for doing so well in the finals and to all the other finalists for their achievement in reaching the finals. For full details click on "Schools" in the menu at left, then on the Primary Schools Competition "Draw & Results" and then on "Finals".

Carlingford West  will now represent NSW in the Primary Open section of the Australian Schools Teams Championships to be held in Melbourne on 5-6 December.

(23 Nov 2009):

World Youth Championships 2009

Australians finish first and equal second!

Bobby Cheng of Victoria has won the World Under 12 Championship, held in Antalya, Turkey an outstanding result! Bobby, whose FIDE rating is 2202, scored 9/11 in the 142-player tournament, which included ten FIDE Masters. Australia's previous best result was Raymond Song's equal first (fourth on tie-break) in the 2004 World Under 10 Championship.

Anton Smirnov of NSW finished equal second (fourth on tie-break) in the 129-player World Under 8 Championship another outstanding performance. Anton, whose FIDE rating is 1853, scored 8.5/11, half a point below the winner.

The results of the other Australian players were as follows:

  Under 18 Open:  Eugene Schon (Vic)  4.5/11 (=71st/104)
  Under 18 Girls:  Tamzin Oliver (ACT)  4.5/11 (=46th/65)
  Under 18 Girls:  Alana Chibnal (ACT)  4/11 (=53rd/65)
  Under 16 Open:  Justin Tan (Vic)  5.5/11 (=52nd/119
  Under 16 Girls:  Miranda Webb-Liddle  3.5/11 (=90th/102)
  Under 14 Open:  Yi Yuan (ACT)  7/11 (=18th/138)
  Under 14 Girls:  Emma Guo (ACT)  6/11 (=32nd/101)
  Under 14 Girls:  Leteisha Simmonds (Qld)  3/11 (=96th/101)
  Under 12 Open:  Cedric Koh (NSW)  4/11 (=116th/142)
  Under 12 Girls:  Jana Pretorius (NSW)  4.5/11 (=76th/108
  Under 12 Girls:  Clarise Koh (NSW)  4.5/11 (=76th/108)
  Under 10 Open:  Callum Gray (Qld)  5.5/11 (=68th/148)

For full details see the World Youth Championships website,

(17 Nov 2009):

Country Secondary Schools Competition 2009

The Country Secondary Competition has been won by Merewether High School. The six region winners took part in the finals, held as a round robin at the Gosford Formule 1 Hotel which sponsored the whole competition.

Merewether (from near Newcastle) emerged triumphant after a close contest with last year's winners, Smith Hill High School (Wollongong).

For detailed results see under "Schools" at left.

(17 Nov 2009):

NSW Allegro Age Championships 2009

The last of the three Allegro Age Championships the Under 12 has been won by Max Smith, who finished half a point ahead of Brandon Lee. For detailed scores click on "Results" (at left).

(6 Nov 2009):

Metropolitan Secondary Schools Competition 2009

The Metropolitan Secondary Competition has concluded. The Senior and Junior Grades were completed before the end of third term, but Intermediate Grade took considerably longer after several ties in the finals required rematches. The winning teams were:

     Senior Grade:  Fort Street High School

     Intermediate Grade:  North Sydney Boys High School

     Junior Grade:  James Ruse Agricultural High School

For detailed results see under "Schools" at left.

(26 Oct 2009):

NSW Allegro Age Championships 2009

The first two of three Allegro Age Championships Under 10 and Under 8 have been held and were won respectively by eight-year-old Jasper Hong and six-year-old Noah Gong. For detailed scores click on "Results" (at left). The Under 12 will be held on Sunday 15 November (see "Coming Events" at left).


(16 Oct 2009):

City of Sydney Junior Championships 2009

John Papantoniou has retained his City of Sydney Junior (Under 18) title after a close finish in this year's tournament. He finished half a point ahead of Benjamin Encel, Adrian Miranda and State Junior Champion Pengyu Chen.

The Under 15 title has been won by Jonathan Ren, also by a half-point margin. Second place was shared by Daniel Zhang and Joshua Lau.

Vincent Chen and Andrew Pan tied in the Under 12 division, one and a half points ahead of Raymond Han, who himself finished one and a half points clear of the rest of the field. A playoff will be held for the Under 12 title. Andrew is experienced in playing off for this title, having only last month concluded (and won) a marathon series of playoffs for the 2008 title.

For detailed results click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(12 Oct 2009):

Spring One-Day Tournament 2009

Benjamin Encel, who tied for first place in the Autumn Two-Day tournament and in both Winter tournaments, has finally won a tournament outright. He scored 8/9 and finished half a point ahead of Anton Smirnov (aged only eight), Dawen Shi and Clive Ng. For detailed results click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(9 Oct 2009):

NSW Girls Championships 2009

Caroline Shan wins Under 18 Title
Kashish Christian wins Under 12

Twelve-year-old Caroline Shan has won the NSW Girls Championship, scoring 4.5 out of 5. Her draw was with the top seed, Mirakla Mithran, who finished in equal third place. Second was eleven-year-old Clarise Koh

The Under 12 section was won by Kashish Christian, who scored 8.5 out of 9. She drew with second-place winner, Penelope Drastik, who recently won the Standard Publishing House Award for the Most Improved Player.

For detailed results click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(9 Oct 2009):

Spring Two-Day Tournament 2009

Eleven-year-old Andrew Pan has convincingly won the Spring Two-Day Tournament. He won all his games and finished two and a half points ahead of his nearest rivals. For detailed results click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(6 Oct 2009):

City of Sydney Junior Championships 2008 Under 15 Playoff

The last of the three playoffs for the 2008 City of Sydney Junior titles has taken place. Nicholas Deen-Cowell has won the Under 15 title by defeating Joshua Lau 1.5 to 0.5. Nicholas will hold his title for just over a week as the 2009 Championships will be held on 14 to 16 October.

(6 Sept 2009):

City of Sydney Junior Championships 2008 Under 12 Playoff

Andrew Pan has won the marathon play-off for the City of Sydney Under 12 title. Andrew tied with Oscar Wang in last October's tournament. They tied their play-off match 1-1, necessitating a second match. This too was tied 1-1, but a third match concluded in Andrew's favour, 1.5-0.5.

(25 July 2009):

NSW Junior Championships 2009

Pengyu Chen wins Under 18 title after playoff

Shirley Gu wins the Under 12 title

This year's NSW Junior Championship (Under 18) produced a tie for first place after an exceptionally close tournament. Twelve-year-old Pengyu Chen and 17-year-old Adrian Chau scored 7 points out of 9, half a point ahead of Jack Ruan. Five players finished another half point away.

A two-game playoff for the title was held the following day and was won 1.5-0.5 by Pengyu. Congratulations to the new NSW Junior Champion!

In the Under 12 division, 11-year-old Shirley Gu was a clear winner on 9 points out of 10. Clarise Koh and Vincent Chen were equal second with 8 points.

For full results of both divisions click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(17 July 2009):

Winter One- and Two-Day Tournaments 2009

Benjamin Encel, who achieved his first major success last April in tying for first in the Autumn Two-Day Tournament,  showed consistent form by finishing equal first in both Winter tournaments. Co-winners with Benjamin were Hayden Van Rys in the Winter One-Day Tournament and Jonathan Behne-Smith in the Winter Two-Day Tournament. Ten-year-old Cedric Koh achieved an excellent result in tying for third (with Vignesh Raman) in the One-Day Tournament, while twelve-year-old Pasan Perera came third in the Two-Day Tournament. For full results click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(5 July 2009):

Secondary Schools One-Day Tournament 2009

Knox Grammar School retains the Terrey Shaw Shield

Knox Grammar School has won the Open Division of the Secondary Schools One-Day Tournament and thereby retains the Terrey Shaw Shield, which it has now won four times in five years. North Sydney Boys High was second, two points behind. The Junior Division (Years 7 to 9) was won by North Sydney Boys High, closely followed by Trinity Grammar. For full results click on "Schools" at left.

(24 May 2009):

Max Illingworth Triumphs in City of Sydney Rapid Play

Several juniors did well in this year's City of Sydney Rapid Play Championship, held on 24 May, but none better than Max Illingworth who won all his games to claim first place by a margin of one and a half points. Other juniors to perform well were Adrian Chau (5/7), Joseph Nguyen (4.5/7), Andrew Pan, Sean Gu, Bernard Chau and Nicholas Deen-Cowell (all 4/7).

(26 Apr 2009):

Inter-Schools Competitions

Metropolitan Secondary Schools Competition: The draw is now available (click on "Schools" at left). 

Primary Schools Competition: The draw is being prepared and will be made available progressively over the next few days. To see the draws available so far click on "Schools". 

(23 Apr 2009):

Autumn Two-Day Tournament 2009

Bernard Chau has followed up his success in the Autumn One-Day Tournament by tying for first place in the Two-Day Tournament. Sharing first place with Bernard was Benjamin Encel, who achieved his best result to date. Six players, including 12-year-old Peng Yu Chen, tied for third place. Full details may be found by clicking on "Results" in the main menu at left.

(23 Apr 2009):

Orange Autumn  Tournament 2009

The inaugural Orange Autumn Junior Tournament, contested by 34 players, has been won by Ramon Aich. Ramon has featured at or near the top of many tournaments held in Dubbo in recent years. See "Results" (at left) for full details.

(16 Apr 2009):

Autumn One-Day Tournament 2009

Thirteen-year-old Bernard Chau, who last January won the Summer One-Day Tournament with a clean score, has repeated that triumph in the Autumn One-Day Tournament. He finished a point ahead of Tim Diemer, Andrew Pan and Jonathan Behne-Smith who shared second place. For full scores click on "Results" in the menu at left.

(15 Mar 2009):

International Junior Tournaments 2009

Applications are now open for the following international junior tournaments:

▪  Asian Junior Championships (U20, Open and Girls)
   Sri Lanka, 20-28 May

▪  Asian Youth Championships (U8-U18, Open and Girls)
   (details to be advised)

▪  ASEAN Age Group Championships (U8-18, Open and Girls)
   Vietnam, 10-19 June

▪  Commonwealth Championships (U8-U20, Open and Girls)
   Malaysia, 19-27 July

▪  World Junior Championships (U20, Open and Girls)
   Argentina, 16-29 October

▪  World Youth Championships (U8-U18, Open and Girls)
   Turkey, 11-23 November

▪  World U16 Olympiad (Open teams)
   Turkey, (dates to be advised)

The application closing date for the above events has been extended to Sunday 29 March. The closing date applies even for those events for which the details are yet to be advised. For application form and details click on

(1 Feb 2009):

City of Sydney Junior Championship Under 18 Playoff

John Papantoniou has won the playoff for the 2008 City of Sydney Junior Championship (Under 18). He defeated Adrian Chau in their two-game match by winning the first game and drawing the second.

(23 Jan 2009):

Summer Three-Day Tournament 2009

Twelve-year-old Jack Ruan has won the Summer Three-Day Tournament, half a point ahead of another twelve-year-old, Peng Yu Chen. Brothers Adrian and Bernard Chau, who topped the earlier two Summer tournaments, came third and equal fourth respectively.

For full scores click on "Results" in the left-hand column.


(16 Jan 2009):

Summer Two-Day Tournament 2009

Brothers Adrian and Bernard Chau tied for first place in the Summer Two-Day Tournament another good result for twelve-year-old Bernard, after his win of the previous week's One-Day Tournament. They scored 9 out of 11 (including a draw with each other) and finished half a point ahead of Kevin Tan, Eric Shi, Nicholas Deen-Cowell and seven-year-old Anton Smirnov.

For full scores click on "Results" in the left-hand column.

(15 Jan 2009):

Australian Junior Championships 2009

NSW players carried off three titles in the main tournaments Sean Gu won the Australian Under 12 Championship, while Caroline Shan and her sister Grace won the Girls Under 12 and Under 8 Championships respectively. Sean also won the Under 10 Rapid Play title and the Under 12 Lightning title. Congratulations!

For detailed results and actual games click HERE.

(12 Jan 2009):

Australian Open Championships 2008-2009

NSW juniors have done well in the Australian Open and supporting tournaments which were played at Manly. A highlight was Max Illingworth's tie for first in the Australian Open Lightning Championship - an impressive result despite his loss in the playoff (to FIDE Master Jesse Sales).

In the main event Max finished in equal 10th place. Several juniors achieved excellent results in the Under 1600 event Anton Smirnov (aged only 7) finished equal first with 9/11, Dawen Shi was equal third, Jerry Xu fifth and Cedric Koh equal 6th.

See the results on the Australian Open website by clicking HERE.

(8 Jan 2009):

Summer One-Day Tournament 2009

Twelve-year-old Bernard Chau has started 2009 well with a convincing win in the Summer One-Day Tournament. He scored 9 out of 9 and finished one and a half points ahead of his nearest rivals, Andrew Pan (aged only 10), Hayden Van Rys and Clive Ng. For full scores click on "Results" in the menu at left.

Second GM Norm for Zong-Yuan Zhao

Zong-Yuan Zhao's many friends and fans across Australia will be delighted to hear that he has gained his second Grandmaster norm by winning a strong tournament in Spain. He needs only one more GM norm to be awarded the GM title as he has already satisfied the other requirement - a rating of over 2500. Yuan acquired his first GM norm only last month (see below, 11 Dec). He is about to start playing in an international tournament in Seville and after that will compete in the Gibraltar Open. These tournaments will provide two opportunities for Yuan to gain his third norm and the coveted GM title.

(4 Jan 2008):

Summer One-Day Tournament 2008

Our Summer One-Day Tournament, contested by 191 players, produced a quintuple tie for first place, between Edward Naoumov, Alexander Papp, Derek Trang, Hayden Van Rys and Sean Gu. (Sean Gu is only eight years old!) For full scores see "Results" at left.