Metropolitan Secondary Schools Competition
Draw and Results 2021

Further information:

Region Convenors

(Addresses, etc.)



Match Result Sheet
(2 per page)

Team Result Sheet
(for Central Coast
- held on one day)

Adjudication Form


Submission of Results

Submit your results by clicking on the link below (a userid and password are required these have been sent to each school's chess coordinator).


Online Scoring System


The online scoring system has been developed for us by the Sydney Academy of Chess.

Draw and Results

Two formats are available:

  • Draw only in pdf format designed for printing on a single two-sided sheet which may then be folded to A5 size as an insert for the competition booklets distributed to schools.

  • Draw and Results in spreadsheet format showing one division at a time.

Met East Region


Draw & Results

Met North Region


Draw & Results

Met West Region


Draw & Results

Met South-West Region


Draw & Results

Inter-Region Finals


Draw & Results



Please check these messages regularly during the course of the competition. (The most recent messages are at the top.)

[12 May]:  A change has been made to the draw for Met East Region Division SE4.

[6 May]:  A change has been made to the draw for Met West Region Division SW2.

[23 April]:  Changes have been made to the draws for Met North Region Division IN4 and Met West Region Divisions IW4 and JW5.

[22 April]:  A change has been made to the draw for Met North Region Intermediate Division IN3.

[20 April]:  The competition booklets and other material have been posted to all schools (except Central Coast schools as their divisions will be held in one-day format later this term).

[16 April]:  The draws for all four regions are now available.

Rationale Behind the Draw

Within each grade, teams have been allocated to divisions based on:

  school location (to minimise travel);

  separation of teams from the same school into different divisions (unless travel would be excessive);

  balancing into parallel divisions of approximately equal strength (assuming that most schools with multiple teams rank them with A as their strongest team, etc.);

  other factors to help satisfy schools' requests and preferences, where possible.