Primary Schools Competition
Additional Notes 2021



Additional Notes Concerning the Competition in Some Areas


Although matches are scheduled for Friday afternoons they may be played at other times by arrangement between the schools, such as at lunchtime or on another day.   This has become very common in the Central Coast competition to avoid Friday afternoon traffic congestion.

If you are concerned about entering the competition because Friday afternoons do not suit please bear in mind that you will probably be able to reschedule most of your matches to another time (subject, of course, to agreement by the opposing school).

(except Illawarra and Wagga Wagga)

In these areas the zone competitions are each held on one day rather than in weekly home-and-away format. This is to avoid excessive travel.

For each zone a day will be scheduled in second term for the teams to meet at a central venue and play all their matches. The zone winners will then proceed to the knock-out region finals in third term.

Your entry will be regarded as tentative and may be withdrawn if the day chosen does not suit your school. However, please enter by the advertised entry closing date so that we can consider all schools when choosing a suitable date for the competition.


A change planned for this year is to hold the country inter-region finals (between the six country region winners) as a round-robin tournament in Sydney on one day, rather than as a series of knock-out matches, which in recent years have proved difficult to schedule in the busy latter part of the year. (The preceding region finals for the zone winners will still be in knock-out format, but these require only a couple of matches with relatively short distances to travel.) It is expected that, to minimise travel, the inter-region finals will be followed immediately by the NSW final (between the country and metropolitan winners).